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Product Designer
Strategic Designer

I'm a Master's in Design Engineering student at Harvard University. My mission is to improve the quality of healthcare through design and innovation. 

Harvard MDE '24


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How might we empower menstruating individuals who are blind to identify their onset of periods?

Co-creation  |  Accessibility  |  Biochemistry

Team of 4
4 months
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How might we reduce the risk of acquiring infections for our frontline healthcare workers?​

User research   |  Industrial Design  |  Product Management | Strategy | Business   

Startup Co-Founder
24 months

How might we motivate patients to stay compliant with post-operative breathing exercises?

Transformable design  | Medical device

Industrial Design
2 months

How might we reduce anxiety for pregnant women in rural areas?​

User research | Medical device design | Electronics prototyping | Paper Publication

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Research + Design
4 months

How might we nudge children to take precautions against air pollution?​

Academic | Product designer 
Solo project

Bachelor of product design thesis  |  User Research | Product design 

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User research | Concept development | Prototyping  |   Product visualization

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How might we prevent cross-contamination in COVID wards?​

Personal | Project lead 
Team of 10

How might we empower children with low-vision or blindness to play informal sports independently?


User Research | Industrial Design | Electronics | Design for accessibility | Sports product design

Academic | Product Design
Team of 3

Exploring Influences on Native American Quilting Aesthetics

Academic  |  Data visualization
Team of 3

Digital Humanities | Data visualization | Interaction design

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