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Research insights

In March 2020, we conducted interviews with frontline doctors to understand the challenges they were facing and the current methods of sterilization. We also conducted expert interviews with microbiologists to understand the properties of the virus and sterilization.
"We don't have enough PPE for doctors and nurses"
"Need of the hour is to sterilize wards while patients are present in the ward"
"Examination tools are not frequently sterilized"

Existing interventions

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  • Limited application to tools and instruments
  • 15 minutes
Mask Group (1).png
  • Requires patient evacuation​
  • 2-3 hours of exposure
  • Not effective against certain resistant superbugs
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UVC bots
  • Requires patient evacuation​
  • Doesn't sterilize spaces which are in its shadow
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Sterilo v2.0 ideation

Concepts were evaluated using the weighted objective method. We made frugal prototypes to test each of the highest-scoring concepts


A fabric-based UVC sterilizer for surfaces and objects in hospital wards.


opencovid fabric renders.70.png
Virus-neutralizing fabric with zinc oxide nano-particles
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Represented India at a live broadcast by Research4tech to reach researchers across 11 Latin American countries.
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