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I am the Designer Founder of dVerse Labs on a mission to tackle challenges in healthcare.

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Deepika Gopalakrishnan​​

UVfy has been launched in 6 hospitals across India and is reducing the risk of infections for over a 1000 healthcare workers everyday

Founder  |  User research  |  Business design  |  Product design  |  Strategic design  |  Product testing  |  Interaction design  |  Communication design   

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Extensive user research was conducted for Shanth and the results have been published in 'Design for Tomorrow' in Springer.

User research  |  Product design  |  System design  |  Interaction design  |  Research writing

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Vayu was my bachelor's thesis project at PES University, Bangalore. Due to the pandemic restrictions, prototyping is yet to be done.

User research  | Product design  |  Interaction design 

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I am the Founder of dVerse Labs, a healthcare startup, developing sterilizing solutions to tackle the spread of hospital-acquired infections. I am a product designer and I want to leverage design to solve pressing problems in healthcare.

In my startup, I wear multiple hats including product, strategy and communication design, research, business development, finance and marketing. This gives me a holistic view of how I could really create impact as a designer.
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